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Parents are asked to give feedback on our service every year and these are some of following things they particularly like (grouping similar comments / last updated February 2021): 

  • Thank you very much.  Both our girls have been through Sunnyfields and Lisa and Sharon and the team have been so welcoming, like being in a big family, we will really miss everyone.  (Bromley)
  • I think your nursery lives up to it's logo that children are happy and parents are confident leaving them. That is our favourite part of it and we are grateful for all your good work. Our child loves coming to your nursery and we are very happy too. (Bromley)
  • I could not thank the team enough for looking after my little boy, since he was 7 months old. The staff have always put my mind at ease that he is safe and happy.  (Orpington)
  • The communication relating to COVID lockdown, what steps the nursery is taking, when the nursery is shutting and opening back up, have all been great and very appreciated.
  • We would love to praise ALL the staff for their hard work throughout such a hard year. They have been fantastic at adapting and ensuring Sunnyfields is a safe environment for all the children. The staff have been flexible and helped us in times of need when our children were attending as key workers and supporting us when the nursery had to close. We are forever grateful! Thank you!!! (Orpington)
  • Thank you for providing a welcoming, friendly, safe and caring environment at Sunnyfields. Both of my children have been very happy with you there, had lots of fun learning and developing and formed some lovely relationships with both their peers and the wonderful staff that have looked after them.  
  • I have a really happy child that loves going to nursery.
  • Sunnyfields have coped incredibly well with the challenges that Covid has presented. The nursery set up is brilliant, the space available to the children encourages them to grow and develop independently and to socialise as a class. It is the staff that make the difference,  I feel that all the staff know my daughter and have a connection with her. They are open and honest with their feedback which allows us to join up in our approach. The team have been very supportive with potty training and her general learning. I feel very reassured that she is in their care. Most importantly I know she is surrounded by friends and people who care for her. What more could a parent ask for?
  • Lovely staff with a family feel.  "We think our daughter is always listened to and treated kindly.  She knows all the staff by name which makes a difference as she can be very shy.  There seems to be lots of time for free play and we really like that she spends plenty of time outside each day." 
  • Welcoming, friendly, polite, caring, smiley, helpful, happy, dedicated, professional, conscientious, exceptional, approachable and hardworking staff which makes all the difference. Staff are always in a positive and upbeat mood to parents and children alike. All staff know the children. They seem to genuinely enjoy looking after my child. They’re cheerful on the phone and give the personal touch. Our mix of male, female, young and older staff.
  • Good interaction between staff and parents. Staff are interested in changes at home so can support children more e.g. arrival of a sibling. My daughter is well looked after. Great opportunities for parents to join in.
  • Children have good rapport with staff, especially their key person. Our positive behaviour management policy. Staff give a very personal service, good attention to individual children and regular feedback on progress. Staff have always got time for parents and give detailed feedback and suggestions on how to help. Parents are provided with plenty of information about their child’s care. Good communication and volume of feedback.  "I appreciate the feedback that I get, not just about what he has eaten but information about his development too.  I can see he is happy there, It's a big confidence boots that we know he is happy."
  • Progress reports and parents evening are very useful to find out what my child has been doing. Progress reports give clear targets to work towards. I was very pleased with the progress report session and feel a lot of work went into it.
  • Children settle really quickly. Like flexibility on children's routines eg. nap time. Like working with parents to support development of child's speech.
  • The Nursery is well managed and planned. The management are very ‘hands on’ and always available. The nursery is well organised and well run. Noticeably good response to Ofsted's criticisms. Good written communication. Clearly proactive management. Our warm, smiley, calm welcome every day.The nursery appears to run in a well organised fashion and is extremely well managed. I like that they don't panic unnecessarily when a child develops a slight temperature and calls parents to come in asap as I have heard this happens in other nurseries. I think this demonstrates confidence in caring for young children.
  • The nursery has a happy, warm, caring, cosy, relaxed, inviting, homely, family, friendly, bright, lively and fun atmosphere and a nice size garden. The nurturing, supportive and safe environment. There are good facilities, particularly the large well equipped garden/great outdoor space. Like our outside play areas and the amount of time children spend in the garden. Lovely rooms, lots of space, toys, equipment and wall displays. Our no shoe policy in the play units.
  • The learning environment is safe, tidy and organised. There are good activities for development and lots of activities during the day. Good range of activities. The structured day and good variety of exciting and lively activities. Children gaining confidence and doing things obviously taught at nursery. “My kids enjoy it and I have a running commentary on what L’s been learning – which never fails to impress or amuse me”. “When I pick up my baby she is always happy and I just feel like she’s had a lovely day doing lots of fun things”. “Daughter naturally clingy, but goes straight to carers and is very happy there”.
  • Like topics on Long Term Plan. Like structured learning. Like it that nursery gets involved in events like Children in Need. Also celebration of events / topics. Like photographer and Christmas cards.
  • Christmas parties really fun. It’s good to see staff in action and we could tell staff had put a lot of effort into it. Like family days like the Summer Party.  "I'm really supportive of the extra bits and pieces through the year.  It gives a sense of community and great for us to see our child mixing with their friends and to meet other parents." 
  • Some lovely quotes received backing up our ethos:  “Rachel is happy so we are”, “My child loves it which makes me happy to leave him”, “I am happy and most importantly my child is happy at Sunnyfields”, "Sunnyfields is an excellent nursery and the team are great.  We really trust them to look after our children",  "Changing nurseries can be stressful, thank you for making the process so smooth".
  • Compares very well to other nurseries. Great service overall. Offer great variety of services. “I think Sunnyfields is great and really pleased I chose this nursery”, "I am proud to be associated with the Sunnyfields brand" and "Sunnyfields offer us peace of mind in the sense you know your child is very well looked after".
  • Our healthy home cooked food.
  • Like flexibility regarding extra days which is very important. Last minute flexibility/emergency care helping working families.  
  • Our operating hours including the option to extend by 30 minutes at either/both ends of the day. The extended evenings are particularly appreciated when trains are delayed. Like the 6.30pm pick up time. Early morning and after six baby-sitting relieves pressure.
  • Wraparound baby-sitting in your own home outside nursery hours and at weekends is very convenient, reasonable, flexible and I like that my child can choose who he wants and/or be looked after by someone your child knows. Love the idea. It’s great to have this service available. It gives peace of mind and comfort knowing your children are being well cared for and you can stay at work if you need to. It’s a useful back up and works well. It’s really useful, convenient and with carers the children already trust and like.
  • Delivery service convenient, useful and a great idea.  Amazing idea and very handy.

In addition, we often receive comments or cards from parents when they leave us usually for primary school, to give up work or relocate elsewhere.  Here are some quotes on our service from parents listing the most recent first: 


 "T**** loves Sunnyfields and we have always been very happy with the care you've given her and her sister F******* before her.  Thank you so much for everything this year, T**** has really enjoyed her time at Sunnyfields. We're always hearing about how much fun she has."    Orpington, December 2020


"Once again, I would like to thank you all for taking care of V******* in such a wonderful way, she has grown up into a beautiful pre-schooler and this is to thank you all as well.  We, all are going to miss you so much, thank you again for everything."   Bromley, August 2020


"I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for the way Sunnyfields have handled recent situations and how the re-opening has gone.  I was happy to send my son L**** back to Sunnyfields when you reopened due to the great transparency, the guidance and all the efforts you an the team have gone to.  I felt very confident that the children's safety was the most important thing and everything possible was being done.  Senel and the team have been amazing.  Friends with children in other nurseries have been jealo9us of our place at Sunnyfields as they have had little to no communication form their nurseries.  L**** loves Sunnyfields and he is thriving.  I am so delighted he is back."    Orpington,  July 2020


"Z** has evolved since being at Sunnyfields and it's honestly been a pleasure to watch him grow as well as build the strong bonds he has made with his friends and the staff team.  He has truly enjoyed his time at your nursery and we thank you."    Orpington, July 2020


"We wanted to say what an amazing job the staff in Orpington are doing.  Senel creates such a warm and welcoming environment and have made the transition back for the children seamless.  They always have a smile on their face and provide honest feedback and advice.  The room staff have also been great, especially so in the baby room and it gives us such comfort knowing they are with staff who really care and make the effort.  The online care diary on Tapestry works really well."   Orpington,  July 2020


"Thank you all so much for helping me grow.  I have had the best time ever with you all and will miss all the attention and cuddles I get.  You all mean so much to me and I will never forget you.  I have make the best friends over the last two years who I will miss very much."  Bromley,  June 2020 


"Thank you for the regular updates on how you are responding to this unprecedented event, it is very much appreciated."  Bromley,  March 2020


"Thank you for all  your very clear and timely information you have sent out over the last couple of days.  It has made a stressful situation more manageable."   Bromley, March 2020


"The staff are what makes the place great.   My daughter has been going to Sunnyfields, full time since she was 11 months old.  I have watched her thrive and grow into a wonderful little lady that is polite, engaging and interactive with anyone she meets.  I know a lot of this comes from the home but Sunnyfields are a massive influence." Bromley , February 2020


"Sunnyfields is an amazing place!  I feel completely confident with their level of childcare and my child grows so much everyday with them".  January 2020


"Such a wonderful team - they really make life a lot easier and my little one loves them.  It's a real relief to know he's in good hands."  December 2019


"I would highly recommend Sunnyfields.  The care is excellent and the range of activities has really helped my daughter to develop."  December 2019


"Sunnyfields has a great outdoor area, big with lots of different toys and activities for the children.  They have a great initiative as they plant things in the garden with the kids.  The staff are really nice and always helpful.  It is also great that they have diverse additional activities to keep the children and families engaged."    December 2019


"Sunnyfields provides a lovely, warm, friendly environment in which our shy daughter is flourishing.  Staff are caring and appear to build strong relationships with the children in their care."  December 2019 


"My son loves attending Sunnyfields and always has since he first started when he was 1.  All staff are friendly and take great care an interest in each child as an individual.  The food is obviously good too as he eats everything (including vegetables!) whilst at nursery."   December 2019


 "We were delighted to be with you for your Harvest Festival service in church.  Thank you all for making us feel so welcome.  We loved especially your singing and the smiling faces of everyone involved, which showed us how much you love and care for each other.  Keep up the good work."   J & R P, Bromley, November 2019


"Thank you so much, you have all been wonderful with A.....  She has enjoyed her time with you all so mjch and I know she will miss you all very much.  Special thanks to L.. and S..... who have known A..... since she came to Sunnyfields and she has loved her fun times with you.  To M.... the best "dress up person in the world"  according to A......  To C...... who;s cooking is amazing and give great hugs.  To S.... who has helped A..... understand her feelings more and S.... who has been a great keyworker and spent valuable time with A.... to help her learn and have fun.  We cannot thank you all enough."   E & M, Bromley 2019


"My daughter started at the nursery aged 2, she is now 3 and 3 months, she has learnt so much, is becoming more confident and couldn't be happier.  When we visited the nursery I asked her "do you want to come here? and she replied, with out any doubts "YES". All the staff are lovely, she is happy to go and kisses me goodbye at the door and happily goes to meet her friends and the staff and I leave to work with peach of mind knowing that she is in capable hands with people who care about her as much as you could do and this is all a parent wants.  Sunnyfields is outstanding and highly recommended.  Thank you for all your care."  AB, Bromley, October 2019


"How do we begin to say Thank you for all the love and dedication you have shown towards both A... and J....  We have appreciated everything you have don for us over all these years.  We will cherish the memories and miss you dearly."  H, Bromley, August 2019


"Where has the time gone!  You have meant so much to J..... since day 1.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and care you have given her."  H family, August 2019


"A heart felt Thank you to you all for looking after A... over the last three years.  We really do appreciate the care and affection she has been shown.  We will miss Sunnyfields very much."   C & A, Bromley July 2019


"The twins have really enjoyed their time with you and will be very sorry to leave.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sunnyfields to other parents as we very highly rate the staff and services you provide."   DC, Bromley, July 2019


"Both my girls have had a wonderful time and are fling off to school.  I wish to thank each and every staff member at Sunnyfields nursery for taking care o f my little ones just like their own.  They have learnt a lot and I could see how beautifully they have transformed from little toddlers to curious preschoolers.  Thank you once again." P P, Bromley, July 2019


"Thank you for making T.....'s time at nursery so happy and special.  We are really sad to be leaving and wish you all the best."   Bromley, 2019


"My daughter started at the nursery when she was two years old and my partner and I could not be happier.  She is learning so much, becoming more confident day by day.  V...... Chose the nursery herself, we had just moved into the area and when we visited Sunnyfields V...... didn't want to leave.  When we asked her "do you want to come here?"  Her answer was "YES".  The staff are lovely and even though V...... is a picky eater, she eats everything at nursery.  She is making friends and is happy to go in and I leave to work with peace of mind knowing she is in capable hands with people that care about her as much as I do.  Sunnyfields is outstanding and highly recommended."  A B, Bromley June 2019


"I... loves coming to nursery and I have seen her confidence grow over the last year.  I will always have a great fondness for Sunnyfields and will always recommend you greatly.  Thank you for everything you have done for I...."   V B, Bromley, June  2019


"Thank you so much to have accepted us at your nursery and to offer us the best support ever.  Thank you for all the activities and the great Christmas Party.  We can't be happier."  A & W, Bromley, January 2019


"Thank you for 8+ years of love and care for our family.  We won't forget the wonderful Christmas plays, the fabulous Fun Days, the Parents Socials, the hugs, our friends and Cecilia's food.  Thank you for the peace of mind knowing our children were safe, cared for and enjoying their day."   L & T W, Bromley, September 2018


 "Thank you so much for being so very nice, kind and caring.  Your teaching helped us see that to have a full and happy life, learning is the key."   M & E, Bromley,  September 2018


"Thank you so much for all you've done for A... over the past year, he's had an amazing time and it has been great for D.... and me knowing he's in such great care when we leave him.   He loves the dinosaur book you made him and will look back and love the book you sent of his work in the years to come.  We are so thankful that we got to know you and he had such amazing teachers."    A D, Bromley, September 2018


"We have been so happy with the love and care that has been shared by Sunnyfields to both of them."  D S, Bromley  August 2018 


"Thank you so much for the care you have given F*** over this year.  It is a difficult thing to leave your baby and you made us feel so at ease and comfortable in leaving him.  We love the friendly atmosphere and community at the nursery.  We will all miss you.  F*** has had a lovely time.   K,D,F  Bromley August 2018 


"We want to thank you and your staff for caring for T*** and being so understanding, especially with her medical background.  She has learnt, grown and developed immensely over the years with your nurturing support and we will be forever grateful to you all."  K & S N, Bromley August 2018


"L*** has had a wonderful time over the last 3 years and I know for a fact she'll be sad to leave."  A-M S,  Orpington August 2018


"May I take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for the care and support you have provided to F*** over the years and I wish you all the best for the future."    A F, Orpington July 2018

"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for looking after her so well, she's thoroughly enjoyed the experience."  J & B W, Orpington  July 2018


" I want to pass on the feedback that Sam (head of the baby unit) was fantastic with F***.  She really cares about the children and worked hard to ensure they did many different activities.  She also took the time to give real feedback on how he was progressing and any areas to watch out for.  She clearly works very hard and is a real asset to the team.  F*** seems to be settling into Toddlers too, so that's all thanks to the hardworking staff at Sunnyfields who make it a very welcoming environment."  JB, Bromley January 2018

"A huge Well Done to Anne and her team.  I am so glad E*** went there, albeit for a short period.  She has emerged a happy and confident school goer now - thanks for all the support."    RD, Orpington September 2017


"I would like to thank all the staff at Bromley for the continued efforts to increase L...'s confidence, I would say they have definitely succeeded."   S M, Bromley,  July 2017


" Thank you for all your help and support over the last 12 months and I would like to assure you that B*** has been most happy in the care of your team and has formed close attachments with several of the girls.  If it weren't for the distance that we have to travel I am sure that we would be happy for B*** to continue in your care."   M & A C, Orpington  July 2017


"This mail is being sent with a heavy heart, we have such wonderful memories associated with your nursery and wonderful staff.  L..., S...., S....., J...., (to name a few) are wonderful staff and have always made us feel like family.  We are grateful for all your love and support'"   A, S, Bromley, July 2017

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to your staff, in particular Anne, Mollie and Sophie.  They have all been extremely supportive this last seven months, assisting with potty training, developing L.... with his talking which is now amazing.  I am truly grateful, I doubt other nurseries or pre-schools would give such support.  I also wanted to say how impressed we are with your garden, you have done an amazing job.   I look forward to our second child starting with you in January, I know she will enjoy it at Sunnyfields just like L....".  N. S, Orpington, July 2017 

"Thank you so much for the care you have provided S..... over the last 3 and half years.  He has loved being at the nursery and as parents it is a great relief to go off to work and know he is safe and enjoying himself."  W S, Bromley, July 2017

"K.... has greatly enjoyed her time at Sunnyfields and we would like to thank you and the stff for all the love, care and attention you have provided to her.  In particular, we would like to thank you Lisa as it has always been clear to us that you have put the children's wellbeing first.  We would also like to thank K....'s key workers over the last two years who have all been fantastic and given so much."  A E & S D, Bromley, July 2017

"Thank you to all the staff at Sunnyfields for the loving care and attention you have shown R***.  He's come along so much since he's been with you and it will be a sad day when he leaves.  I know he will miss you all."    M & S T, Bromley, June 2017

"B.. has had an amazing three years with you and been so well looked after by your staff.  Thank you all so much for everything you have done for B**".     J A,  Bromley,  May 2017

"We would like to ask you to extend our gratitude to all the staff at Sunnyfields. We know that our children have been treated with a lot of care, attention and love".   C & N D-L, Orpington, October 2016

" I would like to thank you so muich for all you have done and K...... has really enjoyed her time with you all.  I would also like to give a special thank you to K......'s keyworker.  She has been wonderful with my daughter and I can not fault her at all, K...... thinks the world of her."     A. C, Edenbridge, Sept 2016

"It's been an excellent journey here, the experience was worth it.  Everyday spent here has been nothing but lovely.  For all those times I have sat down quietly at home smiling to myself, either to a word a child has told me, or something new I learnt that day.  I will miss everyone so much and before I forget thank you so mych to each and everyone.  You are all special and taught me something new on a daily basis.  I love you all and thank you."  A. W (former staff member)

"We can't thank you enough for the time, care, attention and support you have given to R**** over the past years that she has spent at Sunnyfields.  R**** has blossomed and grown in confidence, has made lots of friends, and hss always been happy and comfortable with everyone that has looked after and taught her over the years.  All in all, she has really enjoyed her time and as parents we would not have asked for more.  Thank you all very much".  T & V H, Orpington, September 2016

"Thank you so much for everything you have done. L*** has really enjoyed her time with you and I'm sure she will miss you all very much.  We have watched her develop during her time at Sunnyfields and would like to thank you all for giving her such a great start in life".  L & A V, Orpington, September 2016

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for all you have done and do for H***.  He really enjoys his sessions at Sunnyfields and demonstrates this by flapping his arms in excitement and giggling when we pull up outside!  He has come on leaps and bounds since being with you and it is so warming to see how you all care for him.  Thank you so much for all the special effort you make with his menu also.  Top marks Sunnyfields".  C L, Edenbridge, September 2016

"Thank you very much for making S***'s stay at Sunnyfields a wonderful adventure filled with love, care and lots of fun. During his time at Sunnyfields, S*** grew from a baby into a lovely and caring little boy who has made many friends. Whilst we are very sad to say goodbye, we are very grateful for the level of care and love you provided for our son" C & S P, September 2016

"Thanks so much for looking after me, playing with me and teaching me so many amazing things! I love you all!" F C, September 2016
"I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know how incredibly happy I am that W***** attends Sunnyfields in Edenbridge. He is developing in a way that he wouldn't if he didn't attend. His speech has come on hugely, as has his confidence. He is happy to go into nursery in the morning waving me off and comes home exhausted and incredibly happy each week. His most recent progress report was far more than what I would expect for a nursery report, and key staff instil me with such confidence" E F, Edenbridge, August 2016

"Thank you for being such a wonderful team of teachers and carers over the past two years. I have been very happy here and will miss you very much" M M, Bromley, July 2016

"Once again thanks for providing us with an amazing place where we could leave our kids and work without being worried about her being safe. We knew that she is being taken care of." R S, Orpington, July 2016


"I'd like to add, from all of us, what a wonderful experience this has been for D***. His confidence levels have escalated greatly and his social skills have developed by the day. It really has been a wonderful learning and development experience for D*** and we will be forever grateful. The memories will stay with us for life" G and N B, Bromley, May 2016.

"I just wanted to note our appreciation for the love and care you and your team have shown our boys during their settling in period at Sunnyfields. We are so grateful for everything you are doing to make the transition to a new nursery for F*** and into childcare for C***** so smooth. Its clear both from our chats and the super detailed settling in reports that you, Kealey and Charlotte know the boys very well. Both boys enjoy coming to nursery and are clearly very happy and comfortable in your care. Sunnyfields is the third nursery that F**** has attended and the happiest he's been in all of them, and it's all down to Anne and her team who are amazing. Thank you once again." Edenbridge Parent, April 2016.
"We'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing childcare you've provided over the period D** has been in your care" P O, Orpington, April 2016

"We couldn't be happier with our decision to send M*** to Sunnyfields. As a nervous first time mum, I have felt very reassured leaving M*** in your care. The staff in the baby unit are just lovely and M is thriving. Thank you so much" S O, Orpington, October 2015

"No words can describe our gratitude on the care and love you provide to our son R***. R*** has learnt so much while being at Sunnyfields. R*** has also extremely  enjoyed coming to nursery, to a point he would ask to come in on a weekend LOL .... Wishing you all well in the future. You never know you may see a new J-L again LOL ..." L J-L, Bromley, August 2015 

"Thank you very much for everything you have done for our sons over the years!! We were so happy to see our sons learning "New Things" (songs, stories, plays, words, friend's names, etc) here. We are going to miss all of you!! " T and I G, Orpington, August 2015

"A big thank you for the graduates performance and arranging for all of the kids to wear a hat! That was brilliant and really well organised.  I also love the song and I*** and I cannot stop listening to it.  We had a fantastic day at the Fun Day on Sunday, everything was well organised, staff always very friendly and very helpful, thank you for all your efforts to make it such a great fun day.  Only one month left before I*** leaves the nursery and I am really dreading that day!  He would have spent over 3 years at Sunnyfields since he was 9 months old, spending 40 hours a week with all of you.  It is like his second family.  He will really miss you all and me too!   I never had a bad word to say about Sunnyfields, and I will continue recommending your nursery to parents I know."  S J, Orpington, July 2015

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Sunnyfields (old and new staff) for all their support and care they have shown not only L*** and E** but us as a family over the last 4 years.  We have always been confident in the care that Sunnyfields provide and know that both girls have made lots of happy memories.  It has been amazing to watch the girls confidence and social skills grow and we know they have loved every day at Sunnyfields.."   A L, Orpington, July 2015

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you. W*** has really loved his time at Sunnyfields and it has helped shape him into a confident, cheerful young man who is well prepared and very excited about going to school in September. My abiding memory of when I first came to look around the nursery is that I was struck by how happy the children appeared to be. It was a perfectly accurate first impression! In eighteen months I have never had a day where he didn't want to go nor when he didn't come home excitedly talking about what he'd done. We will miss you all very much and Anna should feel rightly proud of the great team she has at the Orpington site. Thanks again". J S, Orpington, July 2015
"E***'s last day at Sunnyfields will mark the end of an era, after 3 very happy years with you.  She is excited to be starting school but I know she will miss Sunnyfields and the team and look back fondly on her time with you.  From our perspective as parents, we have nothing but good things to say about the way you have looked after E*** and nurtured her during these crucial early years.  We too will miss seeing you  all every week and want to say a very big thank you to you all for everything you have done."   D C, Orpington.  June 2015

"We have been very pleased with the exceptional level of commitment from your staff to T*** and his progression at the nursery over the years and we are very sad to be saying goodbye. He has become a happy boy, full of fun and joy and we are in no doubt this is largely due to the care and attention that he has had from the staff whilst at nursery"   G&M B,  Bromley.  May 2015

"I am really pleased with the service delivered by Sunnyfields and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other parents looking for good quality childcare. My daughter loves coming and that is what really counts for me" C C, Bromley, November 2014

"S*** and J*** have enjoyed their four years at Sunnyfields, and like me, they will miss all the staff and the happy memories they had.  We are sad that the time had come so quickly for them to move on, but they will visit sometimes to say hello.  Thank you very much for the had work which you, Nicola and all the staff have put into care and support them throughout those four years.  We will greatly miss you."    N & G L, July 2014

"I am especially sad to be leaving the nursery.  D*** has loved coming to the nursery, especially this year and you have all been a very important part of her life.  I am very grateful to you all and will be very sad that I won't be seeing you all every week.  There are not enough words to express my thanks to you all.  You run a very special nursery and have taken great care of my precious little one.  It is hard to entrust your children to someone else's care but you all made it so much easier.  Thank you so much."      Y L,  July 2014

"After more than seven years of coming to the nursery nearly every day it will be weird not to see you all again, but I promise M*** will come to show off in his school uniform!  I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to pas my compliments to Laura for the excellent job she has done with M*** and I'm sure with the other children too.  I have trusted her opinion all along and never regretted it".      L C, June 2014

"C*** has enjoyed her time at Sunnyfields and she will be very sad to say goodbye to staff and many of her friends.  I just want to thank all the staff that have contributed to C***'s progress over the years and would recommend Sunnyfields Nursery as a positive and warm environment."     M H, June 2014

"It is with great sadness that we will soon say farewell after having been at Sunnyfields for nearly 7 years, seeing both C**** and C*** through babies, toddlers and preschool!  How time flies! May I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the brilliant work you all do taking care of my little angels, I know with absolute certainty you will all be sorely missed."     Z S, June 2014

"Thank you so much for doing so much for E**** and us.  We really appreciate all the little touches you provided; from little cakes, drawings, Summer fetes, Christmas plays and all the mother/fathers day cards and gifts.  E***has developed so well with you guys, we are really pleased with his progress.  With your care, attention and assistance you have all helped us to make E*** the kind, intelligent, caring and funny 3 year old he is today."   A P, June 2014

"Y*** has always been looked after very well in a very warm and friendly atmosphere at Sunnyfields and had the opportunity to interact with children of his own age group to learn his social skills and more.  I would like to thank all the teachers and carers for looking after Y*** and hope that he will enjoy the remaining days at Sunnyfields.  Thank you very much once again."    S A, June 2014

"W*** and J*** love their days at the nursery and it has been a pleasure sending them to Sunnyfields and watching them make friends and blossom from all the lovely games and activities they enjoy taking part in and socialising with the other children."     L & N H, February 2014

"I take this opportunity to thank everyone at Sunnyfields for the wonderful work and affection that you have put into S***'s learning and development.  She is growing into a very confident, happy and clever girl and I have to credit Sunnyfields for its great part in that success."   C S, January 2014

"Thank you for everything you have done for R*** over the last few years.  Your patience, support and dedication in helping with his development.  R*** will really miss Sunnyfields, his friends and the lovely staff.  Thanks again for all the support you have offered me as a parent.  Sunnyfields is a wonderful nursery and I wish you all the best for the future."     S D,  December 2013

"Thank you to you and all the staff for the care you have given E*** over the last four years. She leaves Sunnyfields a social and confident girl who I'm sure will settle into school quickly, and I'm convinced that a big part of that is because of the time she's spent at nursery. And she is very happy that the friends she has made will be in her class at school!"      A F, July 2013

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all of the team for looking after L*** since September 2009.  Both L*** and A*** felt safe, valued and welcomed at Sunnyfields.  And they had plenty of fun and have made some good friends.  We have really appreciated the care, patience and professionalism that your staff have demonstrated during this period.  The improvements to the building are wonderful and have made the nursery even better.  I have had no hesitation in recommending Sunnyfielkds to other families in the area'"    C B,  June 2013

"I just wanted to comment having just read Sunnyfields Outstanding Ofsted Inspection Report.  I hugely congratulate the excellent team at Bromley for doing such a wonderful job.  My son was actually withdrawn from his previous nursery, due to numerous shortcomings experienced, later confirmed on a grand scale by the Ofsted report.  I was therefore very careful selecting a new nursery for him and his little sister.  Sunnyfields has been a breath of fresh air and both children have come on leaps and bounds since being there.  The attention to detail regarding the children is second to none and I could relate our experience to pretty much every point made in the Ofsted report, which clearly shows the nursery is consistent in its' approach to the welfare and teaching of the children.  After our previous, horrible nursery experience Sunnyfields has been a welcome relief for which we are extremely grateful."   D M,  May 2013

"The staff are always willing to discuss what F*** has done during the day and are always friendly and welcoming.  Clear goals and targets are set for her progress.  F*** always comes home happy and clearly enjoys the range of activities which have been provided for her.  The food seems to be very good and she enjoys it."  S F, Orpington, October 2012

"L*** has been at Sunnyfields for a year now and I couldn't be happier with our choice of nursery.  He is really happy, the staff are fab and always brilliant with any illnesses or scrapes that he has and all seem to genuinely like looking after our precious little boy.  Sunnyfields is an excellent nursery.  Nicola and her team do a really fantastic job.  We also thinks Cecilia is wonderful, no-one else can get him to eat his veg!".   J P, Bromley, October 2012


"I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you and everyone at Sunnyfields.  When I began looking at different nurseries Sunnyfields was my preferred choice because of the staff you have and how kind and caring everyone is towards the children.  I would always highly recommend Sunnyfields to anyone looking for a good nursery.  You have excellent teachers and curriculum for the children."  L R, Bromley, May 2012


 "I wanted to express my gratitude to you and the staff at the nursery. I have always felt reassured that M** would be well looked after and that all his needs would be addressed whilst in your care. I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, flexibility, friendliness and reliability over the past three years. Nothing has ever been too hard from finding an Additional Support (SIPS) Worker, potty training, attending for additional days or the adapting of various requests of numerous professionals which have observed Max over this period. You have really helped to make a potentially difficult situation easier for myself and Max and embraced any request. There is much to be said about this" F H, St Mary Cray, August 2011


 "It will feel quite weird to no longer do the daily runs to the nursery as Sunnyfields has been our other home for the last five years. Our two children joined as babies and Sunnyfields has provided them with a safe, stable, happy and stimulating environment which is crucial for their development. Every day when we close the door after dropping the children, we were able to go to work without any worry as we knew we were leaving our treasures in trusted and capable hands. Both our children knew it as well as they were never reluctant to go to nursery and loved the team. They have never complained about the activities, food, the carers, etc. We know we can trust their judgement as they would not hesitate to report any issue. You and the team have done a marvellous job in raising our 2 babies, caring for them, developing them into two healthy little individuals with strong personalities and a mind of their own and preparing them for greater challenges they will encounter in their young lives. All this is just another success story for Sunnyfields as we have been able to witness for ourselves the growth of Sunnyfields since pretty much the opening. So many thanks to ALL for your exceptional work and dedicated support. Needless to say V**** and D**** will miss you all and the many friends they have made throughout the years. The same goes for us parents"  Mr & Mrs N, Orpington, December 2010