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Age Groups / units

Each unit within the nursery caters for a different age and/or ability group covering the children’s learning, meal times and sleep at different times of the day. There is a wide range of resources available in each unit which are carefully selected to be safe for the children, age appropriate and maximise learning potential under a variety of learning areas. These include shop brought equipment, resources made by staff and children (e.g flashcards, books etc) and heuristic equipment which is a collection of everyday objects made of natural materials such as wooden items, wicker, sea shells etc. The use of equipment is monitored very carefully and replenishment orders are made on a quarterly basis.

All furniture is size appropriate for the age groups and takes into consideration the children being able to access the resources independently. Some of the children’s own work and photos of them at play are displayed at child height throughout each unit.

Babies Unit

The babies will be cared for in a warm, bright and stimulating environment where they will have lots of fun throughout the day playing with toys stimulating all their senses. There is a separate sleep room so they can rest on demand without distraction. They will also be taken for regular walks as well as joining in simple activities such as finger and foot painting, singing and music. Babies will also be encouraged in their physical and mental development so they begin to reach the early milestones of sitting up, crawling, walking, beginning to feed themselves and repeating common words.


The toddlers will be encouraged to expand on the skills they have already learned with stimulating challenges and the provision of fun learning experiences delivered through play. Toddlers will be introduced to more creative and messy play and will be given every opportunity to explore their environment, socialise, share and make friends with other children. We are aware that at this stage, children become more independent and staff will gradually lead them into a slightly more structured environment where themed activities are planned to enhance the children's skills and give them a greater knowledge of the world around them. The children will begin to join group activities and will be given every opportunity to make choices that will enable them to develop their own personalities.


Pre-school children will build on the skills already learned and will follow a more structured environment of planned and free choice activities to meet the seven key areas of learning. When planning to meet these areas our staff will assess individual needs, abilities and interests. Staff will encourage and motivate the children to develop at their own pace and help them to gain self-confidence and self respect. Children also have access to extra curricular activities offered by outside teachers.