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Environmental Policy

Sunnyfields support the environment and incorporate this into their daily routine policies:


Reducing waste by:

·       Switching off unnecessary lights

·       Using both sides of paper when possible

·       Using emails and text messages to reduce paper

·       Only photocopying as necessary

·       Encouraging children to potty train at 2 years to reduce the use of nappies by 20%


Reusing and Recycling:

·       Composting fruit and vegetable peelings in our wormery

·       We accept donated play items to reuse and encourage parents to 'freecycle' on our facebook site

·       We accept scrap paper for children’s mark making

·       Reusing cardboard boxes and packaging

·       Recycling what we can minimizing waste

·       We are lobbying to have recycling for commercial use



·      We have a natural wildlife area for children to explore living things, children are encouraged to return        living creatures back to their original habitat.

·      Children are encouraged to respect equipment and books, books are repaired and reused where possible

·      Preventing damage and picking up litter


Respect and caring for our own environment:

·      Moving away from using glitter and plastic sequins

·      Moving away from using plastic straws

·      Not receiving deliveries in plastic bags

·      Reducing one use plastic i.e plastic cups/ plates/ cutlery

·      Growing our own organic herbs, fruit & vegetables

·      Creating a bug hotel for wildlife

·      No Helium balloons

·      Caring for animals and feeding birds in winter

·      Encouraging cycling and walking when possible

·      Respecting our neighbours


Using more environmental products:

·      By welcoming parents to use Biodegradable nappies and nappy sacks

·      Supporting parents that wish to provide cloth nappies and clean them at home

·      Using biodegradable wipes and encouraging parents to do the same