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Meal Times

Sunnyfields provide all meals for children from around aged one year and over. Breakfast is served at 9am, lunch around 12pm, snack and milk at 2pm and tea at 4pm. Children are allowed to choose where they want to sit and are encouraged to share conversations with their friends. The older children are encouraged to help the staff set the tables, serve the food and clear away.

It is carefully chosen to be healthy, light on the children’s tummy’s, partly organic and what we would cook at home. Please see below for a sample of our weekly menu.

   Breakfast  Lunch  Pudding
Fresh finger fruit is always an offer  
Monday    Weetabix and fruit   Mixed vegetables and bean stew and dumplings Ice cream and strawberry sauce Pitta bread or cream crackers with hummus and other toppings
Tuesday  Wholemeal toast plain or with jam served with small cup of milk.  Baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn  Apple pie and custard Toasted raisin bagel
Wednesday  Porridge served with raisins on the side Sheperds pie (with crushed lentils and chickpeas) served with seasonal vegetables Mandarin segments and natural yoghurt Wholemeal chicken sausage sandwiches
 Thursday  Rice crispies  Sweet and sour chicken served with noodles and grated carrot salad  Pear tart and custard Wholemeal cheese sandwiches
 Friday  Scrambled eggs and wholemeal toast Turkey and vegetable risotto Coconut chocolate mousse Potato waffles with dairylea cheese

It generally offers chicken, turkey and ‘safe’ fish once a week, with vegetarian alternatives, to cater for most dietary requirements. In addition, fruit is served every day at breakfast and tea time and we use wholemeal bread, whole wheat pasta and brown rice where possible. All food is served in a consistency appropriate to the age and stage of the child and staff closely supervise and support the children during mealtimes.

Sunnyfields do not provide food or drink for children under one year when the child’s digestive system is still immature. As a result, we ask parents of these children to supply their child’s food and drink needs every day with instructions of when to give it. When the child is around one, the nursery and parents will work closely together to wean the child on to the nursery menu. To ensure babies are ready to eat our food, a consultation between parents and manager will be held and at the managers discretion babies will have their meals provided.