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Wellbeing Document

Wellbeing is being comfortable, healthy, and happy. It is linked to happiness and satisfaction; how do you feel about yourself and your life.

We work hard at Sunnyfields Day Nurseries to support the children in our care, to have a sense of wellbeing through the care and education we provide. Our commitment to provide a healthy educational environment was rewarded by the Bronze Healthy Early Years London Award.

This included our menu, physical activities inside and outside and further ways to improve children’s wellbeing, health, and development.


Personally, everything we do, think, feel and believe, influences our wellbeing. Being a parent/ child carer is challenging at times and ‘children are work in progress’. 

We all want to keep the little ones in our care well. Wellbeing is where children are happy thriving and flourishing. A happy child interacts with their environment engrossed by ‘discovery and exploration’. 

For us all to experience Wellbeing consider the following

Connection – Talk to family and family, spend time with others, connection with nature outdoors.

Keep active - Find ways to be active and create a healthy lifestyle,

Quality me time – time to be - relax, be calm, do the things you enjoy.

Share with others – give your time, help others, listen to others.

Manage feelings – Talk to someone if feelings are overwhelming.


We have parents’ leaflets and staff information available to help support wellbeing. Leaflets cover wellbeing for children, parents and staff with further self-help ideas.