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Working with parents

We recognize that parents are the main carers of their children and we need to work with you to make the daily transition of care between you and us as smooth as possible for your children. We have highlighted below some important areas to support this:

Initial settling in procedure

The transition between the family being the first carer and the introduction to the nursery staff being another set of carers can be very traumatic to most children. We, therefore, insist on a settling in procedure as follows:

  1. On their first day of settling in the parents should stay with the child for about an hour and be as relaxed as possible and take part in the child’s play. You will be given and Enrolment Form to complete and bring back for the second visit and a summary of our key policies.
  2. The second part of settling in is when the adult stays with the child for the first 15 minutes and then leaves the child without any visible contact for 45 minutes. During this 45 minutes, the parent will be given a quick tour of the nursery reminding them how the nursery works on a daily basis i.e. where to find our daily menu, daily feedback, the buggy shed, your child's work folder, our additional services, etc. 
  3. The child can be left in the third stage or third day for as shorter day as possible. This is combined with their first paying day.
  4. The child should be fine to be left for the whole day.

Parents should never leave their child looking anxious, sad or in tears as this does not help assist the child in being trustful and relaxed in the new environment with the new carers. A big hug and kiss with the words ‘mummy/daddy/carer will be back to collect you later on’ is so reassuring to a child and aids the settling in procedure to be less traumatic. Please allow the child and the Nursery a time when the child will be unsettled as this is a new environment and routine. The staff are happy to reassure parents in the first few weeks. In addition, please rest assured that if the Nursery are in any way concerned about your child’s unsettled behaviour, they will let you know promptly.


Communication is vital between parents and Sunnyfields to ensure information is shared. As a result, we give written and/or daily feedback on your child’s day at nursery and the children are encouraged to take home regularly finished work. In addition, we continually observe the development of all the children via Tapestry Online Journals.  Parents are provided with access codes to their child's account.  Every six months we provide progress report meetings where parents/carers and keyworkers attend to discuss how your child is getting on. In return, we hope you will keep us informed about your child whilst he or she is at home with you especially if they have had an accident, if they have been unwell or any milestones they have achieved.

Developing a good working relationship

Adults provide role models for children to copy and we feel by developing a good working relationship with their parents, your children will learn how to behave appropriately with their peers. As a result, we provide many opportunities for you to be involved in the nursery from sharing daily information, reading our monthly emails and termly newsletters, joining us on ‘fun’ days and/or our annual social evening and/or our summer fun day. We hope to offer something that appeals to you and are always open to any suggestions.


We recognize that most of our business comes from word of mouth so please read the current testimonials listed on the Home Page Menu of this website from families whose children have already benefited from the ‘Sunnyfields Experience’.