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Free Early Education and Extended Entitlement (30 hours)

The Government currently offers ‘free early education’ (FEE) to most 3 year olds and all 4 year olds up to 15 hours per week term time (38 weeks a year), although Sunnyfields 'stretch' this to offer 570 free hours over a year. In addition, eligible working families can claim a further 15 hours per week term time for their 3&4 year olds through the 'Extended Entitlement' (EE), set up through their HMRC government gateway account, which we also 'stretch' to offer a further 570 free hours over a year.

The aim of FEE is to ensure all eligible children have access to good quality early education which is free at the point of delivery. As a provider of good quality early education, Sunnyfields are registered to claim the FEE on your behalf, as well as the EE.

Children currently qualify for FEE in the academic term following their 3rd birthday as follows:

A child born between  
1 April - 31 August              (inclusive) The start of Term 1 following their third birthday (after summer holidays) until statutory school age
1 September - 31st December     (inclusive) The start of Term 3 following their third birthday (after Christmas/New Year holiday) until statutory school age
1 January - 31st March
The start of Term 5 following their third birthday (after April holiday) until statutory school age

In order to claim, we will need evidence of your child’s date of birth e.g. his/her birth certificate, and a signed Parent Declaration form stating the number of FEE and/or EE hours per week you wish to claim through Sunnyfields. In addition for the EE, we will need your 11 digit '30 hours code' available through your HMRC government gateway account in the term before they become eligible. If you change the number of FEE and/or EE hours you are claiming at any point, then a new declaration will need to be signed. Once your child qualifies and the evidence is received, Sunnyfields then include your claim as part of their termly FEE and EE submission with Local Authority and amend your invoice in September, January or May accordingly.

Sunnyfields recognize that FEE and/or EE hours do not suit most working families and therefore offer wraparound hours to the FEE/EE in line with all their full day, morning and afternoon sessions. Please refer to our schedule of fees in the nursery entrance for the different combinations available and costs spread across a whole year.

Please note that Sunnyfields can claim up to 15 hours 'stretched' over two full days a year, and 30 hours 'stretched' over three full days a year. For those parents whose nursery attendance does not allow them to claim the full 15 or 30 hours, we do offer ‘free’ sessions as follows, subject to current demand and availability, to maximize your funded hours. All we ask is you pay 50p towards our nursery tea or provide them with their own ‘healthy’ packed tea on these days. 

   Universal FEE 15 hours Extented Entitlement (30 hours)
Free Offer                

3-6pm Monday to Friday

38 weeks a year/term time

1.15-6pm Monday to Friday

47 weeks a year


Two Year Old Funding

Sunnyfields only have limited places for funded two year olds which is delivered in the same way as the ‘FEE’ above. However, please be aware that ‘two year old funding’ is not universal and is only available to certain families where a strict criteria applies. We refer you to your Local Authority to see if you are eligible.

If you do qualify, we will require 'proof of eligibility from your Local Authority' and a copy of you child's birth certificate before we can claim this funding on your behalf.